Many jobs to disappear as AI hits labour market

UAE: Many jobs to disappear as AI hits labour market; here’s how to remain relevant
According to experts, the introduction of new technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, could potentially render various jobs obsolete. However, this will also necessitate an upgrading of skills for the remaining jobs. Dr. Munir Majdalawieh, who is the Department Chair of Information Systems and Technology Management at Zayed University, stated that studies, such as The Future of Jobs Report 2023 by the World Economic Forum and research conducted by LinkedIn, highlight the transformative effect of emerging and cutting-edge technologies, as well as the expansion of digital access, across all industries.

Despite concerns regarding potential job displacement, especially in automated tasks such as administrative roles and manual labor, he believes that, on the whole, the outcome will be one of job growth. “The advancing technology landscape is anticipated to create new opportunities and increase demand for roles that require advanced technical skills and creativity, such as AI specialists, cybersecurity experts, and data analysts,” he noted. “Furthermore, individuals who can bridge the gap between technology and various industries, such as digital transformation consultants and technology integration specialists, will also be increasingly in demand.”

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