Why US?

A lot of candidates have the right skills for the job, but how to communicate it with a RECRUITERS is a barrier which needs to be crossed in order to be shortlisted for the interviews.

In order to understand the recruitment, we need to break the problem down in bite-sized chunks.

An opening is made when the job is fresh or the present worker left the activity. For a business point of view, it is terrible for business and it is a cerebral pain for him. To dispose of this issue he contacts HR office to contract reasonable possibility to fill the unfilled position. The HR department looks at available candidates (Internal or External) and tries to fill this vacancy without bothering of even advertising it. Also, recall it is human brain research to go for the least difficult arrangement in the event that it can take care of the issue. HR Department takes a gander at the accessible pool of hopefuls. If they don’t find someone suitable for the role then they advertise the role. When the vacancy is advertised, a large number of candidates apply for the same single vacancy and only one of them gets hired after a long struggle. This struggle may include having the right skills, presenting them in the best possible way, having the right experience, having references and above of all being lucky enough to have a CV in front of HR Manager. The key is TIMING!!!